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B-TACT (tactical accessories)

The Beginning ...

B-Tact (tactical accessories) was established in 2005 to meet the growing demand for tactical accessories especially since imports were rarely available in the specifications required for the specific task at hand. When an imported product could be obtained certain adjustments had to be made to the product before it could be utilized for the purpose you had in mind which was time consuming as well as costly and in certain instances impacted the efficiency of the product.

The designing of the first products began soon after. The product line continuously grew with every new product concept and development. Even with the extended product line we still ensure that the products we sell are products that we will proudly use ourselves.

Why B-Tact?

We found that to design tactical accessories we had to think, analyse and become tactical for the designs and products to be effective and efficient, therefore the name B-Tact was an obvious choice.

What can B-Tact offer you?

The tactical accessories that we produce are of high quality and offer durability even in extreme conditions. In addition on request certain custom adjustments can be done on all products, taking into account that the prices of the specific product would vary according to adjustment requested.

Bags are manufactured according to customer material preference of 600D or Rip-Stop Canvas material which is available in a variety of colours. The following 3 colours are our standard colours: Black, Military Green and Sand:

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